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Are your email marketing campaigns working?

06 December 2011

Effective email (HTML) Marketing Campaigns


With any HTML campaign it is vital that content is kept fresh and engaging so that the receiver wants to open the email. It is essential that the message in each email is used to drip feed the reader with information that they want to read... and is not interpreted as spam.

All of the following elements are crucial to the success of the campaigns:

·         The subject title needs to avoid the SPAM folder and attract interest

·         The first section of content needs to be the most interesting

·         There needs to be an incentive for readers to keep reading

·         It needs to be current and topical

·         It should encourage loyalty, the referring of ‘friends’ and additional readers

·         DON’T over-send. Once a month is enough!

·         Apply the KISS rule and ‘keep it simple, stupid!’


Case study: Two years ago we created an email template for a Mediterranean food importer ( that provides artisan Italian food to consumers, restaurants, hotels and farm shops. Our task was to develop an interesting email template they could send to their distribution list once a month that attracted attention, was adaptable and was able to highlight products. By adding a recipe for a tasty meal that could be cooked using products from their site, the emails stimulated not only the interest of the reader but also the desire to buy the products required for the recipe! This, in turn, generated additional web traffic and resulted in extra sales enquiries.

‘White Label’ it ... track it and monitor it!

There are many companies offering online email template and campaign solutions but all of them are restricted to set templates and always insist on having their company name on them! Why promote their software when you can white label it with only your branding and no-one else’s? Our web based software to create HTML templates gives multiple users access to write, edit, and administer the emails. Within the control panel, you can also track the number of emails that have been opened, deleted or bounced. Links can be created from each campaign to a specific page on your website and, using the tracking facility within the software, you are able to measure the traffic being directed each link.

Compliance is key!

To ensure you are complying with CAN-SPAM, each e-mail will need an ‘opt out’ option and will also need proof of source. It is imperative that every recipient of your campaign has agreed to receive it or is an existing client.


Depending on the complexity of the template, prices will vary from £180 to £400 for the master design. Consider the categories that you want to include each month and stick with them; this will avoid additional charges in the future to alter the design.

Once the master has been created with the first content, you will be given access to a control panel and shown how to populate the email campaigns yourself. However, we can populate them for you for an hourly fee (allow approximately 2hrs per email campaign).

Sending each email campaign will then cost just £5 per campaign and 1p per email; fees can be paid by most credit or debit cards.


If you’d like to discuss your email marketing further, why not give us a call!

© 2011 Karen Sutton