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Queens Rd, Weybridge set for 9 week closure

01 August 2011

The 15th August will bring up to 9 weeks of road closures in Queens Road, Weybridge affecting the through flow of traffic and trade of many businesses.

Further to many emails expressing concern about these water main replacement works, Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP (our local MP and Secretary of State for Transport) has now had a fairly lengthy conference call with Veolia and Surrey County Council and, together, they are exploring the options.

He does not think, however, that we are looking at another “Seven Hills Road” problem as per the works carried out by Southern Gas Networks in December 2009/spring 2010. 

It appears that there are real technical reasons preventing various options which may potentially have reduced working time significantly.  As Cllr Ian Lake has, I know, already said to some of you, one-way working is not possible because of the extent of the works involved - a 3.5 metre deep trench requiring 3.2metres working room around it meaning that there is not enough room for one-way working.

The main question is getting the balance right and Philip will continue to update you all as more is known.

For more information on the closures see the Elmbridge County Council website: http://www.elmbridge.gov.uk/queens.htm

Or for local community views go to: http://www.weybridgepeople.co.uk/Queens-Road-Weybridge-closed-weeks/story-13034651-detail/story.html

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