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What impression do you leave behind?

01 December 2011

What impression will you leave behind?

There are 10 key elements that should be included on any business card, and without them you may find you aren’t getting the response you would like. So here they are...

YOUR NAME: otherwise how is anyone going to know who to contact when they are enquiring about doing business with you? You’d be amazed at how many people leave it off and only include their company name!

JOB TITLE: this is more important in a larger organisation with many people undertaking different roles. It also reassures your contact that they are dealing with the right person.

CONTACT NUMBER: ideally both a landline and a mobile even if you work from home. Just using your mobile gives the impression that you are a ‘one man band!’

ADDRESS: if you work in office premises this is a must. It also saves you constantly giving your address out over the phone to visitors. However, if you are a home based businesses  you may prefer not to publish your home address. Or you could always get a mailbox!

EMAIL: not only an email address but a domain name that is professional. Not yahoo.com or btinternet.co.uk; these don’t give the right impression!

WEB ADDRESS: only if you have one! It will enable potential clients to do some research and discover more about your business and the services you offer.  Don’t register the domain name for your email and then leave the site blank so visitors go off to some dead link or a hosting website. Get a simple holding page if you don’t have the budget for a proper site!

LOGO: No professional business card should be handed out without it!

WHAT YOU DO: If your logo doesn’t give away what you do, then you need to say it! Either using bullet points or with a strap line (or both!).

SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS: OK, social media isn’t for everyone (yet!), but if it is for you then this is a great way to get extra ‘followers’ and ‘friends’.

ACCREDITATIONS & TRADE LOGOS: if you have a trade accreditation then shout it from the roof-tops! Any federation, trade group or organisation would be happy for you to display their logo and many are recognised associations so may attract extra business.

And these ... maybe, maybe not:

PHOTO:this one I’m not a fan of at all, but some people are. I find it far too Americanised for my taste and a bit - dare I say - tacky!

QR Codes: many of you are probably wondering what on earth these are ... if so then check it out on Google. Personally, I think it’s a little too soon to be adding these and I think the space can be far better used for other information!

And now onto the design:

LAYOUT: If you have a messy design with poorly laid out content then that will give  the recipient of the card that impression of you ... disorganised and messy! You need your card to stand out from the crowd (or stand out in a box of other cards). Believe it or not, I’ve even seen business cards promoting marketing services with poor design and layout!

QUALITY: there is nothing worse than flimsy cards with bashed corners. Get yourself a nice thick robust card and create something a little different: add a matt laminate, a spot gloss finish or a die-cut shape to make it stand out.

While all these things seem obvious it is surprising how often people neglect to include them and are unaware that they might actually be losing out on potential business.

© 2011 Karen Sutton